The Recidivist by Flesheater


Lenawk heard the echoing sound of a man’s voice, “What is it?” The prisoner lay

semiconscious inside a quarantine lab with a trio of humans wearing hazmat suits,

staring back at him. And why shouldn’t they stare? He was merely a machine… half

machine anyway. That explained his lack of remorse for all of the victims in the galaxy

he had claimed. His disconnection from human emotions made him the perfect killing


“His name on the chart reads Lenawk. It’s also stated that he’s one of the most

dangerous criminals in the galaxy and as for the metal canister strapped to his back

when we found him… I can only assume it’s a weapon of some kind… perhaps

explosive,” Dr. David Weldon said, carefully scraping a tissue sample from the

prisoner’s body. His hands quivered and beads of sweat trickled down his façade as he

breathed heavily through his respirator.

The two other researchers, Dr. Curt Malone and Dr. Ann Jackson watched

Weldon’s hand tremble and both felt uneasy with the way he performed his task. He

was a good twenty years older than his colleagues. Weldon should have retired five

years ago and clearly he no longer had a passion for studying strange life-forms. Or

perhaps it was the fact that he had never encountered anything like Lenawk in his entire


“You okay?” Malone asked.

“Huh?” Weldon said, looking at Malone with wide eyes. He gulped down the

phlegm building up inside his mouth. “Yes, just never seen anything like this before…

not sure what to make of this.”

Weldon placed the samples from the prisoner’s body onto a petri-dish, placing

the dish onto the lab station. He flinched as the specimen’s body moved.

“We should’ve gotten the security team to do this dangerous work,” Weldon said


“Come on, Dave… you know security’s just a bunch of Neanderthals. They can’t

do this type of work,” Dr. Jackson said.

“Anne… it was sarcasm. God knows they don’t pay me enough for this kind of


“Not enough? Trying living on security wage,” Security Officer, Bruce

Ellingsworth said through an intercom speaker.

The three researchers turned and noticed Chief Ellingsworth, looking through a

window on the observation deck. He leaned into the speaker again and said, “Besides…

you’re the ones with the big bucks. I sure as hell wouldn’t touch that.”

This perfect killing machine which Ellingsworth referred to was a muscular entity

with a six foot-five body frame. The hybrid body contained several lacerations, exposing

shards of machinery through crevices of broken skin. But the massive shape of the

hybrid’s body was not the most deadly thing about the criminal. It was the unknown

infectious disease surrounding the body.

Major General, Victor Manning hurried into the quarantine section dressed in a

hazmat suit. He looked at the researchers inside the room and then down at the hybrid

strapped to the table.

“How many victims has he claimed?” Manning asked.

“Claimed or Infected?” Dr. Jackson said.

“Let’s start with claimed. I think that’s the most important question,” Malone

intervened into the conversation.

“He’s murdered twenty victims but as of how many people he’s infected…”

Jackson paused. “It’s uncertain. All I know is that his body is surrounded by an unknown


“How bad?” Malone asked. “I know only Anne would know the answer to this


“I do,” she said, clearing her throat. “Enough to infect a colony or an entire


“Shit,” Manning said, “And to think out of all the medical outposts… they sent him

to this one… just our luck.”

Everyone in the room fell silent, looking at the prisoner. Finally Malone pointed to

an open wound in the center of his chest which revealed a piece of machinery,surgically

implanted into the prisoner’s body.

“What the hell is that?” He asked.

“That’s a Transport Defibrillator,” Manning said. “They warned us about those

during our briefings. They told us more criminals are using them, allowing them to travel

to different worlds in mere seconds to murder inhabitants. Traveling from planet to

planet makes it hard to catch these criminals.”

“And it probably allows them to kill more victims,” Malone said.

“In his case… yes… unfortunately most of these marauders are from different

planets so it’s hard to tell what kind of disease their bodies are infected with which is

why we have to take extra precaution and place him inside quarantine.”

“I still would’ve preferred if another outpost took him,” Weldon said, quivering.

“Well, just think of it this way,” Manning said. “We get hazard pay out of this.”

“Yeah, but is it worth it? I’m a scientist not a baby sitter for the galaxy’s most


“Stop your whining,” Jackson said, looking at Weldon with a look of agitation.

“We’re all in this together.” She turned to General Manning. “So how do these criminals

get these Transport Defibrillators inside their bodies?”

“How else do you think?” He responded. “They have em’ surgically implanted.

There are many black markets off world that will do this shit for a few hundred bucks.”

“Well, now that I collected the samples… I suggest we get out of here and out of

these damn hazmat suits,” Weldon said.

“Right,” Malone said, looking at the prisoner strapped to the bed. “Our guy

doesn’t look too happy,” Malone said.

General Manning felt his stomach rumble. “Well, despite looking at this miserable

sack of shit,” he said, “I’m hungry.”

They sat around the table inside the dining area. The food onboard was mostly

stale flavored, synthetic food, grown inside a lab but at least the amount they had to eat

would get them through the duration of their stay.

“You think they would have the decency to send us proper food.”

“Good luck,” Malone said. “I don’t think decent food is what the Tranquility

Alliance had in mind when they stuffed us here,” Malone sighed. “This god forsaken

place is like a tomb.”

“This food is processed to withstand months of storage. But that just means

Tranquility forgot we’re even here. I doubt they even give a shit anyway. Their egos are

bigger than their fat paychecks,” Anne said.

They sat around enduring the taste of the food. Security Officer Ellingsworth

entered the room. “So what’s good in here,” He groaned, looking around the room.

“Nothing,” Jackson said.

“Hey, now come on,” General Manning said. “This crap is like gourmet food

compared to the crap they fed us in the military.”

“I agree on that,” Security Ellingsworth played with his food. “Anything would be

better than the crap they fed us in the military.”

The crew sat around and laughed for the first time since stuck onboard.

Meanwhile in the other room Lenawk fully awoken, feeling more agitated than

ever before. He began to violently tug on the shackles. He produced an unearthly roar

loud enough that the noise carried into the dining area, startling the small crew.

“What the hell was that?” Weldon said, quivering.

“Shit,” Ellingsworth said, springing into action. “I think old faith full just erupted.”

“You mean he’s awake?” Weldon said. “I thought he was badly injured. Oh,

fuck… this is not good.”

“Just chill out.” Jackson said. “He’s tied up pretty good. He can’t get loose.”

“Yeah, but you gotta’ wonder how secure those restraints really are,” Malone said

in a calm voice, sipping his coffee.

In the other room Lenawk fully regained his strength and broke through the

shackles. Lenawk’s seven foot body stood fully erect, arms outstretched. It took him a

moment to regain his stance. Two tentacles emerged from slit openings on his dorsal.

Lenawk growled as he felt the slits on his back open, allowing the snake-like

tentacles to slither.  The tentacles began to spray a cloud of the glowing green virus.

The glow of the lethal virus slowly faded, blending into the air.

Security officer Ellingsworth quickly entered the observation section and looked

through the window, overlooking the quarantine area. Ellingsworth’s eyes widened in

horror as he saw the recidivist fully awake. The computer spoke.

“Alert! Alert! Quarantine prisoner has fully revived. All personnel must seek

assistance immediately.”

Manning and Ellingsworth entered the hallway. “Stay here!” Ellingsworth told

everyone. Lenawk forced the door to the quarantine area to fly open. Any harder and

the door might’ve blown a hole through the hull.

He stood in the General’s midst, larger than life. Manning couldn’t believe the

prisoner’s hideous transformation. He looked bad enough before the transformation and

the fact that he was free from those shackles made the creature even more menacing.

But one thing Lenawk had on his mind was to find his canister, fix his Transport

Defibrillator and teleport off the station to cause epidemics on other worlds.

The two tentacles emerging from his dorsal coiled just before spraying the virus

into the air. It took the General and the Security Officer a moment. But suddenly they

knew it was the virus.

“Don’t get too close. You’ll become infected,” Manning said.

Lenawk quickly reached forward and with striking speed grabbed the General,

lifting him high into the air. The alien criminal pulled Manning closer toward his tentacles

allowing the virus to eject into Manning’s nostrils.

“Go on!” Manning shouted. “Get the hell out of here!”

Lenawk released Manning from his grasp but by then it was already too late for

the general. He was exposed to the alien virus. Ellingsworth took one last look at the

General, clutching his throat, coughing and going through a series of violent spasms.

This was the first time Ellingsworth saw the virus in action. His veins began to

sprout through his skin. Manning kneeled down on the ground continuing to go through

spasmodic jerks.

Ellingsworth ran down the hall, attempting to get to the weapon’s room. He

was reunited with the rest of the crew.

“Don’t go that way!” Ellingsworth shouted. “Our prisoner is loose!”

They heard the charging footsteps from Manning, running toward the crew.

“Look out! He’s infected!” Ellingsworth shouted. “Get back to the control room!”

Further down the hall Lenawk stood in their midst, growling like a raging beast.

Lenawk smashed his hand through the wall. He produced one last unearthly roar. It was

unlike anything they had ever heard and Security Officer Ellingsworth had encountered

numerous and many dangerous life forms on countless other worlds.

Lenawk ran down the other end of the corridor.

“Where’s he going?” Jackson said.

“He’s going to fix his Transport Defibrillator. That son-of-a-bitch is trying to

teleport off this station,” Malone said.

“Fine, let him,” Weldon said, his façade still drenched with sweat.

“You don’t understand,” Ellingsworth said. “His next target is earth. If he is able to

obtain the metal canister and if he teleports off this station he’s going to cause an

epidemic back home.”

“Then what the hell are we going to do about it?” Weldon shouted. “He’s got

more strength than the two of us combined!”

“I know!” Ellingsworth shouted, his eyes began to reveal bloodshot creases

around his cornea.

“Your eyes,” Jackson said. “You’re infected.”

Ellingsworth’s persona began to change. He screamed at the top of his lungs.

His two front teeth fell from his mouth and elongated fangs began to tear through his

gums. He screamed from the pain and lunged at Weldon’s throat rendering a massive

chunk. A massive amount of blood spewed everywhere.

Malone made an attempt to tackle Ellingsworth but his strength was too strong.

Ellingsworth opened his mouth, expelling the blue glowing virus into his face.

Malone coughed and screamed as Ellingsworth bit him in the ear just before he

ran away, knocking Jackson to her feet.

“Curt are you okay?” She said, kneeling next to him.

“Don’t touch my blood. I could be infected,” Malone responded, gripping his ear.

“Son-of-a-bitch bit my ear off!”

Malone’s hand was covered with blood and he continued to cough. He staggered

to his feet despite his injury. “Shit. Now we got two violent entities loose.”

Jackson attended to Weldon’s aid. He was losing massive amounts of blood but

he was still alive even though he was choking on his own body fluid. Weldon was losing

oxygen at a rapid pace.

“We have to leave him,” Malone said.

“How can you say that? We can’t just leave him here.”

“But the prisoner will come back.”

“It’s not us that he wants. He wants to infect an entire world.”


With great force Lenawk pushed open the automatic doors, entering the control

center. Inside the control center Lenawk’s canister sat dormant near a console. He

quickly strapped the canister to his back.

The area was filled with panels and switches that controlled everything from the

station’s computers, medical equipment and even the life support system. Lenawk tore

open a computer console and ripped out the wires, rubbing the wires to the exposed

portion of the Transport Defibrillator. The aroma of smoke filled the air, igniting


Lenawk produced a primeval yell, feeling a portion of his skin burn due to the

igniting sparks. His body shook from the electrical energy, rushing throughout the

circuitry implanted into his body. Lenawk produced another yell as the Transport

Defibrillator shocked his muscles. The piece of machinery once again became fully


The painful yells from the escaped recidivist echoed through the corridor. They

were loud enough to fill the entire outpost.


Jackson and Malone heard the eerie primeval screams, echoing throughout the

corridor, sounding truly unearthly. But the prisoner running loose was not the only

problem they were facing. The station’s power was failing.

“Do you think it’s Lenawk?” Jackson said

Malone nodded in response.

“Shit,” Jackson said, examining Malone’s ear. “It’s getting infected.” Jackson

noticed the change in his eyes. It was the same change Ellingsworth had gone through.

Malone felt his body tingle, feeling a slight chill and his persona was beginning to

change. He was more irritable, rage building inside. He gave her an estranged look.

“Are you going to be okay?” She asked.

“Just get the hell away. You’re too close.”

“I need to fix your ear. It’ll get infected.”

“I said get away!” Malone took a swing at her.

The impact of his fist was so quick it caught her off guard. She fell, knocking her

head against the wall. Malone was about to attack her unconscious body until he

noticed the large beast in his midst. Malone growled, attempting to attack the recidivist.

But Lenawk grabbed the enraged Malone by the head smashing his skull like an

orange. He shoved Malone’s headless body to the ground like a rag doll as he stormed

through the corridor, smashing anything in his wake.

Lenawk grew impatient, waiting for the Transport Defibrillator to warm up. He

knew that a distress call had been sent back to headquarters back on earth and it was

only a matter of time when they would get here. He was trapped and it was driving him

mad. He felt his rage ignite and needed to teleport off this prison rock. It was his mission

to destroy as much life as possible.

Lenawk heard the beeping sound from his Transport Defibrillator. It was at last

active and ready to transport him to wherever his dark heart desired. A bright light

ignited. He and the metal canister had suddenly vanished.

Jackson felt the heat of the bright light singe her facade. She awoken, clutching

at her face which now contained a burn scar. She staggered from the ground, her body

still in pain, left leg nearly broken. She coughed before regurgitation.

Smoke filled her vision and the aroma of burning metal lingered in the air. She

heard voices through the thick smoke, shouting to her. “Freeze, raise your arms high!”

Jackson could see the silhouettes holding their weapons through the thick

smoke. “Don’t shoot! I’m one of the crew members!” She shouted

A rescue team of three emerged, wearing hazmat suits, pointing their weapons

directly into her face, noticing the deformity in her eyes. They knew right away she was

infected. Her skin contained a pale complexion.

The leader of the group turned to the other members of the rescue team. “We

need to quarantine her.”

Inside quarantine Jackson felt aggression, growing with every second,

spreading through her body.

“So just who are you guys?” Jackson finally said, trying to keep her agitation

under control.

“I’m Sergeant, Traxler and this is Lieutenant Norris and Staff Sergeant Nelson.

We were sent from Tranquility Alliance after receiving your distress call.”

“Distress call? I didn’t send a distress call.”

“Well someone did,” Norris said.

Then suddenly she thought about the captured recidivist. He had escaped. But to

where? She couldn’t remember. Suddenly over the com signal a faint voice was heard.

“Anyone there?”

Sergeant, Traxler quickly answered the com-signal. “Traxler here.”

“Earth is under quarantine,” The voice said. “All returning ships abort the trip


“We have a sick patient that needs medical attention immediately,” Traxler said.

“Well there are many sick people down here so we’re asking all ships to turn

back until further notice.”

“Shit,” Traxler said, slamming his fist onto the control panel.

The three rescue team members heard Jackson produce shrieks of rage.

“What the hell was that?” Norris asked.

“I think it’s doctor Jackson,” Sergeant Traxler responded.

“But that didn’t sound human.”

“She’s infected with an alien virus. We need to get her to a medical facility.

Who knows what it’s doing to her body.”

They looked through the observation window into the quarantine room. They

looked in awe as Jackson’s appearance was now completely distorted, looking truly

inhuman. Jackson’s skin contained an ashen complexion, her eyes completely


The three men jumped as she lunged at the window, attempting to shatter the


The ship passed through the atmosphere which forced the ship to throttle. The

onboard computer said, “Ship is near planetary surface… docking procedure in


“I think it’s too late for her,” Nelson said. “We need to kill her.”

“What? You mean take a human life?” Norris said.

“But look at her. She’s not human anymore.”

“And how do you expect to kill her? I mean look at her. She’ll over power us. Her

strength is not human. Look. We’re almost there. Once we land at the Tranquility

Alliance medical center we can let the medics handle her. I believe she can be saved.

There is a cure.”

Traxler emerged back into the control center of the ship. He looked out the

window and noticed several buildings set ablaze as rioting people flooded the streets.

“What the hell?” He said.

A hole had opened in the sky. It was a portal which could’ve only come from the

work of the escaped recidivist. The blue colored virus seeped through the portal, like a

cloud of dust.

Standing on top of the building, Lenawk stood with the metal canister strapped

to his back. A laser kindling from the canister lit up, igniting the hole in the sky. Lenawk

watched as he had fulfilled his mission of a world rid of an old civilization and the start of

a new world. This was his moment and this was why he was created so that he could

move from world to world, ridding them of their old civilization and to allow a new society

to spawn from its domain. This was why he was bred and this was why he was trained

to become the ultimate recidivist.



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